Are You Asking the Right Questions in Your Interview?

Are You Asking the Right Questions in Your Interview?

When your interviewer asks do you have any questions for me?, the appropriate response is never to say “no”! This is your biggest chance to determine if the company is right for you if you could be happy working there and if you’ll fit it.

It also gives the interviewer a unique look into who you are, the biggest reason to always ask questions when you have the chance. By asking questions about the company you are giving them an insight into your thought process and showing just how serious you are about the role.

Many recruiters we have spoken to in the past have said in the past that the difference between two candidates with similar work experience was their willingness to ask questions and their interest in the role, and the company itself!

Come Prepared

Before the interview, write down 2-5 questions you have about the role or the company, and take them with you. It could be more generic questions about company culture or pay, or it could be more role-specific questions about the responsibilities of that job.

Whatever the case, make sure you have it written down and keep the notebook at hand during the interview. When you are asked if you have any questions for them, open it up to that page and reference your list.

Your interviewer will instantly be impressed in your attention to detail and interest in their company!

What Should You Ask?

Sometimes you might just not know what you’re supposed to be asking! That’s okay. There a couple of ‘generic’ inquiries you can fall back on if you’re struggling to come up with something else during your interview, though ideally, you would already have more specific questions prepared.

What is the company culture like?

This is a great question that will gauge how well you will fit into the company and will start the interviewer thinking about if you will be a good fit for the role. They may answer about the dress code, Friday’s, work events and more. But knowing is good.

How many people will I oversee in this role?

This shows you are already thinking of management strategies and planning ahead. Plus, this knowledge will help you get prepared if and when they do offer you the position.

Where is the person who previously held this job?

This is a great question because it will tell you a ton about the job and the company. Was the person in this role fired, and if so, why? Did they quit? Why? Is this a brand new role, and if so, why was it created?

How does the company promote professional or personal growth in the workplace?

This is a little more specific than the company culture question, and will really give you a good idea of what benefits they have to offer that you may not be aware of. This could be course credit reimbursement, student loan help, personal development courses, and more.

What To Do If They’ve Answered Your Questions?

So you walk into an interview prepared… but throughout the course of the interview, all of your questions have been answered. How do you handle this?

Pull out your notebook anyway, and look through it. Let the interviewer know that you had several questions prepared, but they were so thorough that you already have the answers you were looking for.

Throw a generic question or two at them to show you’re interested, and then thank them for their time.

Just revealing that you had written down questions and were prepared is a big deal!