Are Traditional Office Buildings a Thing of the Past?

Are Traditional Office Buildings a Thing of the Past?

This has been a truly bizarre year. One of the most notable changes has been the shift to working and learning from home due to the pandemic. COVID has caused major changes in workplaces, and many people have begun to wonder if they’re ever returning to the office.

However, some managers and companies have noticed something peculiar: their workers have turned out work just as well, if not better, while working from home.

Of course, not every job can be done from home. But, for those that can, it seems that many companies are seeing how much better working from home can be. There are numerous benefits that can be weighed against the downsides. Here are some of the reasons office buildings may become a thing of the past.

Overhead Costs

Most companies don’t own their office buildings. Typically, the buildings are leased from a real estate company. This introduces overhead costs for the company that aren’t, technically, necessary.

Why even have an office space when workers can do just as well working from home? In addition to the cost of the lease, this could also help businesses that no longer need insurance for accidents that happen within their offices.

Ideally, those costs that are saved could then be passed on to the workers in the form of more compensation. In either event, it makes more sense for some businesses to just cut those costs.

Commuting Time

Traffic fatalities are all too common in the US. Most of them occur during the commute to and from work, additionally. By moving jobs that can be done from home out of the office, there will not only be fewer accidents, but also fewer chances for there to even be accidents.

The fewer people that are on the road in the mornings and at rush hour, the better. By removing those commuters from the equation, those who have to commute to work will have an easier drive.

This is also great for the environment. Fewer cars on the road means fewer emissions in the atmosphere.

Comfort and Accessibility

For some people, working from home just feels better. Not having to rush around in the morning, not needing to fight traffic, and the ability to work from a safe space all make workers feel more at ease.

Moreover, disabled workers benefit greatly from telecommuting. All these reasons and more make working from home a sensible and attractive option for many businesses.