6 Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

6 Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

If you’re in between jobs, your LinkedIn profile is everything. We know, it’s much more entertaining to work on curating pretty much every other social media presence you could have. Your LinkedIn profile is so important though.

If you want to score your dream job, perfecting your LinkedIn profile should take precedence. Here are some things you should do to ensure your profile stands out.

1. Add visual elements.

If you don’t have a photograph, already your profile looks far too barren. Your chances of having your profile viewed rise exponentially just by having a photo. It doesn’t have to be anything special, you just want your profile to look finished. Without a profile photo, it lacks that quality. Of course, you should choose the most professional looking photo you have – not a cliché mirror-face selfie.

In addition to your photo, you’ll also want to select a background image. The site offers a lot of options for including media in your profile, so take advantage of that.

2. Double check everything.

Treat your LinkedIn profile like you would a résumé. Make sure it’s free of typos and other errors.

3. Utilize your profile headline.

Your profile headline does not need to be your most recent job title. Use this space creatively to highlight your strengths, or even to indicate that you’re seeking opportunities. Don’t use the space to say “unemployed,” use it to indicate the sort of work you’re seeking.

For example, your headline could read: “Experienced UX Designer seeking opportunities in the gaming industry.” Or, it could say “Social Media Marketing Guru / Motivational Speaker / Media Consultant.”

4. Organize your profile into sections.

Make your profile stand out by breaking it down into easy to read segments. In addition to your work experience, include other things of interest. Awards, volunteer work, organizations in which you’re active, and past projects are all great things to add.

5. Ask for endorsements.

Talk to former coworkers and ask for recommendations. You can even do this through the site. In your profile, there’s a link to “Manage my recommendations.”

6. Post content.

Once you have the perfect profile with rich media and organized sections, you can’t just let it sit there. Share updates with your network once a week or so. Comment on others’ posts or post updates of your own.