3 Reasons Why ‘Job Hopping’ Can Benefit Your Career

3 Reasons Why ‘Job Hopping’ Can Benefit Your Career

In our parent’s time, you didn’t jump around in your career. You found a job, you stuck it out, and after you put in your 35 years you retired, spending the rest of your days mowing a lawn, cleaning gutters, and complaining about kids and television shows.

Today’s career market is a little different, but there is still some stigma associated with job-hopping. While there can be benefits to staying with one company for a long time, switching roles, companies, or even fields entirely makes more sense than ever.

If you’re considering the jump, here are the top 3 reasons that job-hopping can be an asset to your resume or your future.

#3: Expand Your Background, Making You an Asset

If you’ve held a role in multiple companies that are vastly different, you could be seen as an asset. The different challenges each role and company has had that you face means you’re ready for anything that potential employers have to throw at you, and you can adjust to different company cultures or situations with ease.

Always keep track of what projects you have done where, and what challenges you’ve overcome. When an interviewer asks about job x or project y, you’ll know right off the bat where, when, and how it helped.

#2: Expand Your Network

If you stick in the same role, same field, or same company for too long, your network and resources become stagnant. Professional networks are growing even more important as the years go by and the way we do business changes. Being able to properly expand your network by shifting around in your field or position can mean you’re able to take on more and have better connections everywhere.

#1: New Companies, New Opportunities, New Skills

Jumping to a new place of business gives you a whole new chance to feel hopeful and excited about the work you do every day, which is a good mood to cultivate. It also gives you a chance to work on new personal skills that you may have not used in your past job!

Learning a new way of doing something, and even helping the company with what they’re doing now by bringing your past knowledge, can set you apart from your coworkers or professional competition. You can show yourself as a rising star by simply bringing your past skills and learning what your new company has to offer.

Just Keep in Mind…

Some job hopping is good! You should grow professionally, and moving around can get you there. But too much, too often, or for the wrong reasons? It will hurt your resume and career in the long run.

Make sure you’re leaving your current company for the right reasons, listed above, not the wrong reasons like better pay or being bored with the mundane. Better pay feels like the right reason to move on, but you never know when it’s ‘hazard pay’ for terrible working conditions!

And finally, remember that you get out of a situation what you put into it. Work hard in your new role and never become stagnant in your professional development!